Your resume is your personalized, professional brochure! It is the one thing you have to sell yourself to a prospective employer. The single greatest mistake you can make in looking for a new job is not giving your resume the importance it deserves. Not only do you run the risk of looking for a job longer than necessary, but also of not getting an offer that reflects your true potential.

Writing an exceptional resume is a delicate balance that requires effectively marketing yourself without bragging to a point that makes your real strengths sound unbelievable. It also requires a keen understanding of what a hiring manager wants to see rather than what you think is interesting.

Creating your own resume can be difficult even for experienced writers! The person in the resume is usually least qualified to communicate his or her experience with an unbiased perspective. Most people are conditioned not to speak too highly of themselves and have a difficult time overcoming this conditioning in order to write a compelling resume. People also tend to provide a laundry list of tasks while omitting quantifiable results or positive feedback.

To stand out from the crowd, you need an experienced resume writer to interview you, ask the right questions and manipulate the resulting information into a powerful, organized, clean and concise brochure that makes an impact! Just getting an interview in today’s competitive job market requires a truly extraordinary resume.

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